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16927 Cat Names

I tell you a cat must have three different names... -- T.S. Eliot
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Cat Names

This is the largest list of catnames on the internet. It now contains 16927 cat names. Looking for a name for your kitty? Use the "show 25 random names" button and then click a name to zoom in on variations. Is your cat on the list? Enter it's name and click the "Search" button.

The complete list:
Aaargh - Azzul
Baba - BZBug
Cabaret - Czar
Daedalus - Dzindzine
Eamon - Ezra
Faberette - Fyvush
Gaazh - Gyzmo
Haagendaz - Hyzen
Iago - Izzy
Jabba - Jzero
Kaboodle - Kzif
Laana - Lyzen
Maalox - Mytsz
     Nabbenna - Nytrogen
Oaf - Ozzy
Pab - Pâté
Qana - Qwilleran
Raaee - Ryon
Saab - Syracuse
Tab - Tzitzulica
Ubas - Uzo
Vaca - Vulcan
Wabba - Wysiwyg
Xabier - Xylophone
Yago - Yushamishi
Zabaglione - ZzZzZzZz
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Do you have a catname that's not on the list? Enter it here and I'll add it. Please check first if the name is on the list already by using the "Search"-button (see above).

Enter as many catnames as you like. Extra information is appreciated (but not required), such as the meaning of the catname, how you thought of it, or where you found the name. Please note that you will not get a confirmation by email when the name is added, it would take too much of my time.

Catname(s) and optional background info:

All submissions are eyeballed before adding, so don't bother submitting abusive names. It may take some time before your catname(s) is added to the list, I process them once in a while in batches. I have no information about most of the names in the list and cannot answer questions about their origin.


Would you like to have the complete list of Cat Names as a flat text file? You can download it here:

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