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 *  Hosting and programming
Low prices, high quality, service and personal attention are my keywords. I specialize in programming for websites (for example databases) and offer help to my clients about all things technical.

Started as a hobby, my Numion website now pulls more than a million hits per day.

 *  YourSpeed
Measure your true internet speed. How fast can you really surf?

 *  SiteSpeed
How fast is your website? Install this tool on your website and get very interesting statistics.

 *  Stopwatch
Measure the time it takes for you to download any page on the internet.

 *  Calculators
A collection of bandwidth calculaters. How much bandwidth do you need, or what can you do with what you've got?

 *  JkDefrag
Free harddisk defragger and optimizer. Designed to run automatically every day in the background.

 *  Domain name checker.
Is your domainname already taken? Test it with my domain name checker!

 *  Forum
A little forum for users of my software and visitors of this website.


 *  16927 Cat Names
The largest list of cat names on the internet. Looking for a name for your kitty? You can find loads and lots of imaginative names here.

 *  Cat Quotes
More stuff for cat-lovers: quotes and quotations, sayings, proverbs, platitudes, one-liners and taglines about cats.

 *  Cat Sounds
A collection of cat sounds. Purring, meowing, hissing, fighting, and more.

 *  Me and my cats
I have two cats. See some pictures of them in this small picture gallery.

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 *  random quote?

Music Visit my  *  music page for some nice sounds and midi clips.

 *  Random word/text generators
 *  Beeldzoeker (puzzle)
 *  Zeeslag (puzzle)

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